Bitumen Uses

Today we use bitumen to pave roads for our transportation vehicles whether they be cars, bikes, motor bikes, trucks or even planes. Bitumen products are derived from oil and we use bitumen primarily to build bitumen roads.

With the greenhouse effect now an issue for everyone, bitumen has become a more environmentally friendly product to use. Bitumen has many uses, it is not just for building roads and bitumen driveways.

Bitumen Roads and Bitumen driveways are obviously the most common uses of bitumen products.


Bitumen products also include bitumen waterproofing agents that are used in water tanks and swimming pool or around the home as a sealant.

Bitumen Road Work

Bitumen Road Work

Bitumen Roads and Bitumen driveways are obviously the most common uses of bitumen products. Bitumen roads and bitumen driveways are easily laid and provide a cheap cost-effective form of roadwork.

Bitumen roads are made from different types of modified bitumen. With world oil companies leading the way in the polymer modified bitumen research we now have many forms of bitumen including hot rolled asphalt, asphaltic concrete, porous asphalt, stone mastic asphalts and thin surfacings to give contractors a wide range when choosing what type of bitumen road to build.

Not surprisingly with the extra traffic on our roads the oil companies have been busy developing new synthetic bitumen that is environmentally friendly, the development of styrene butadiene styrene (SBS) modified bitumen is hailed as a major breakthrough.

New technologies are responsible for the development of this new bituminous mixture that saves money not only when building roads but also in maintaining them.

Bitumen waterproofing gives the user many advantages. Easy and inexpensive to use, bitumen waterproofing products are quick drying and can be easily brushed, sprayed or trowelled on the area you want protected whether that be on the roof or in the swimming pool.

Bitumen waterproofing products work on most surfaces and are non-toxic giving you the advantage of buying a product that isn��t restricted to just one surface. Whether it is plastic, timber or iron you can use bitumen waterproofing on all surfaces with the added advantage of being able to use bitumen waterproofing products as a primer.

Bitumen is also used to build airfield runways. Its unique waterproofing attributes are responsible for it being used in canal lining, dam construction and river bank protection.

Bitumen is also used in the manufacture of printing ink and rubber. When added with oil, Bitumen improves the wetting of fillers and pigments, this is something that is usually achieved by adding other oils.

You can find bitumen products at all leading hardware, gardening and landscape stores.